Dancing As One In A Greater Whole

We built Industrial Dance Project in 2017 to establish a safe place for people to dance – A place to learn technique and skills correctly.  Our studio is welcome to all who leave every bit of drama at the door.  You will quickly notice that we have adopted the Gear as our symbol.  Each gear represents each of our students, we must all work together, like a well tuned machine.  We have created a space geared for success where we treat all equally.

Our instructors are experts of their craft


Our instructors are extremely talented individuals who also hone their craft through practice and additional training.  We focus on teaching proper technique using correct dance terminology in our custom built studio.  Each of our dance floors was built with protective layers under the floor to protect our dancers muscles as much as possible.  In doing this our dancers have fewer injuries and are less tired – everything was built with the longevity and health of our students in mind.  The Industrial Dance Project is family friendly and we have created an environment in which parents are both most welcome to stay or leave their child here alone.


Perfect for those looking to learn the latest in dance and become part of a fine tuned dancing machine.


Gymnastics and dance all in one!  Our tumblers learn all the basics and advance along side our incredible team of teachers.


Join in on the Ninja Revolution!  Our Ninjas learn how to scale walls, traverse obstacles in a safe and fun environment.


Master the French Martial Art of Running.  You will learn how to safely scale obstacles like never before in an incredible environment!


IDP Finishing At Nationals