Industrial Dance Project

We are a dance studio dedicated to the training and enrichment of young dancers and beyond.  We have custom built our facility to ensure a low-impact dance and training experience.

Our symbol is the humble gear.  We see our studio and our students as different parts of a greater whole.  And each part working in perfect unison to produce the machine that is Industrial Dance Project.

Learn New skills over winter break with dance/technique/acro and ninja clinics!!

Each class is limited to the first 15 participants. rsvp to dance away the winter blues.

Our Classes

Dance | Tumble | Ninja | Parkour


Get Your Bodies Moving at Our Innovative Dance Studio

Looking for a new hobby? Industrial Dance Project offers a wide range of dancing classes open to all ages! We also have a series of events for dance enthusiasts and anyone interested to learn the craft.

Our cutting-edge dance studio can accommodate local and professional performers. Call us todayto learn more about our classes!

Our Intensive Dance Classes

Contemporary Dance 
Contemporary is a fluid dance combining several dance genres. Primarily using ballet techniques and adding the feel of jazz movements and emotion of lyrical dance. This beautiful combination of styles has become the most popular dance at competitions. This style does not tell a story, it displays a connection of mind and body to the rhythym of the music.
Special Needs Class 
This class is for those with special needs, but yet have the passion to dance. Our studio is wheelchair-friendly and we encourage any student with special needs and who enjoys music to come experience the class. Parents are encouraged to join the class or can just enjoy watching through our viewing windows.  
Mommy and Me Class
This 45-minute morning dance class lets toddlers and parents bond through movement and music. It is a leisure time for you to interact and enjoy with your young child. Toddlers learn to mimic simple dance steps and have great fun dancing with their parents. This time spent for dance increases mobility and independence. Little ones are encouraged to interact with each other and parents also have the opportunity of getting to meet other parents. This class has long-lasting benefits for both parent and children. 
Pop-Up Classes and clinics
We host regular pop-up classes or clinics on a weekly basis. These special classes will range in genre and will be listed on our website. These classes might be held by one of our own instructors or a by a guest dance teacher. A 1-hour pop-up class will cost you $10.00 and a 2-hour clinic will be $20.00. It ranges from couples salsa or singles beginning ballroom to hip hop intensive or pom clinic. We also host back-handspring clinics for those interested in cheering. You’ll be glad to know that we have something unique each week. We advise you to check out our site regularly so that you don’t miss out on the class you always wanted to attend. We also have limited registrations; hence, contact us immediately to book your slot.

Jazz Dance

Fun and fast upbeat music that makes you move. With in the genre of jazz is Broadway Jazz, Theatrical and Fosse styles. This style uses grand expressions and sharp movements to interperate the music. A Happy style of dance.

Lyrical Dance

This style embodies various aspects of ballet, jazz and modern dance. The movements bring the song to life and tell a story to the audience. Lyrical dance is emotion in motion.

Modern Dance

This expressive style focuses on the dancer’s own interpretation of the music. This dance is not as technical as others, and may often be refered to as loose movements. The dancers uses their entire body to express abstract ideas. Music can be fast or slow depending on the choreographer. Modern dance has its own set of rules and is super exciting to learn.

Jazz Funk

Fierce, powerful, diva style jazz! Blend jazz with hip-hop and add some sass. Fun upbeat class.


A wonderful class to express yourself. The instructor will select a song and get the class started, then the dancers will begin to choreograph their own moves and may even teach others in the class a combination. This class is a studio favorite and is never the same class twice.


All dance stems from Ballet. This class teaches formalized movements that follow specific rules reguarding body positions. We teach these techniques with proper French terminology.
Ballet is technical and structured with many levels of difficulty. Pointe dance class is offered only to dancers who have achieved the ability to begin to learn movements in pointe shoes.


Use your feet as a form of percussion. High energy class. We offer two levels of difficulty.
Tap is a spirited style of dance while wear shoes with metal heels and toes for unigue sound combinations . Fun to watch but better to eperience.


This style requires the dancer to dance with attitude and purpose. Sharp movements in connection with other dancers in tight formations. The art of hip-hop is to make difficult choreography look effortless. We offer many styles and levels to accomodate a wide range of dancers.


We teach floor work tumble and cheer skills. Our classes are separated into many levels to keep students progressing in a safe environment. Skills begin wth basic balance and rolls and progress to flips and full tumble pass skills.


Ninjas have been considered a large part of media culture so to their speed and natural acrobatics. Our ninjas class focuses on the core teachings of our upper level parkour classes, but seeks to introduce kids to the basics and promote safety and fun first.


Parkour is the French Martial Art of Running. To be specific it is the activity or sport of moving rapidly through an area, typically in an urban environment, negotiating obstacles by running, jumping, and climbing. In our classes we hope to train and coach those who want to experience the thrill of this sport in the ways to do so safely and with style.