Latest Schedule


Alley Studio

Boardroom studio

Garage Studio

Ninja/Parkour Gym


4:30pm FULL Disney Dance Pre-K Miss Emily


4:30pm T/N/P FULL Tumble/ Ninja/ Parkour age 4-6 Coach Brianna

5:30pm Northwest Indiana DRAMAKIDS Theater/Drama/Acting class

5:30pm Lyrical 2 Miss Hailee

5:30pm Introduction to Technique beginner age 5-7 Miss Madeline

5:30pm FULL T/N/P Tumble/Ninja/Parkour age 5-7 Coach Brianna

6:30pm reserved for privates

6:30pm Ballet 3 Miss Hailee

6:30pm Musical Theater 1 Miss Madeline

6:30pm Parkour age 7-10 Coach Jase

7:30pm reserved for privates

7:30-8:00pm 30 minute Pre-Point( by invitation) Miss Hailee

7:30 FULL Beginner Lyrical Miss Madeline

7:30pm Teen/Adult Ninja-Parkour Coach Jase


Alley Studio

Boardroom studio

Garage Studio

Ninja/Parkour Gym


2:30-3:30pm HOMESCHOOL Ninja/Parkour Coach Brianna

4:30pm FULL Pre-K Hip-Hop POM Dance Miss Olivia



4:30pm Intro to Ninja age 5-7 Coach Brianna

5:30pm Pre-K Tiny Technique Miss Olivia

5:30 BOOKED One on One 30 minute privates Miss Kim

5:30pm Hip-Hop 2 Mr. Steve

5:30pm Parkour Basics age 7-9 Miss Brianna

6:30pm Dancers Core Strength-Flexibility Mr. Steve

6:30pm Jazz-Rockette Kick Miss Kim

6:30pm Technique 1 Miss Schhaya

6:30pm Intermediate Parkour Coach Brianna

7:30pm FULL Advanced Hip-Hop Mr. Steve

7:30pm Tap 2 Miss Kim

7:30pm Contemporary-Jazz Improv Miss Schhaya

7:30pm Advanced Parkour Coach Brianna


Alley Studio

Boardroom studio

Garage Studio

Ninja/Parkour Gym

4:30pm Tap 1 Miss Sydney



4:30pm Tumble Beginnings On Hold

5:30pm Hip-Hop POM Technique Miss Sydney

5:30pm Ballet 1 Miss Hailee

5:30pm MTV KIDS POP Mr. Jordan

5:30pm ACRO 2 On Hold

6:30pm MTV POP 2 Mr. Jordan

6:30pm Ballet 2 Miss Hailee

6:30pm FULL Contemporary Hip-Hop Mr. Steve

6:30pm Tumble On Hold age 7-10

7:30pm Musical Theater 2 Mr. Jordan

7:30pm Lyrical/Contemporary Miss Hailee

7:30pm FULL Street Hip-Hop Mr. Steve

7:30pm ACRO 1 On Hold


Alley Studio

Boardroom studio

Garage Studio

Ninja/Parkour Gym



4:30pm Hip-Hop 1 Beginner Miss Bella Rose

4:30pm Ninja White- age 5-7 Coach Brandon

5:30pm Pre-K Ballet/Tap Miss Olivia

5:30pm Pom Dance Miss Bella Rose

5:30pm Jazz Funk 2 Mr. Jordan

5:30pm Ninja Blue - age 7-9 Coach Brandon

6:30pm Dudes Only Hip-Hop Breakdance Mr. Jordan

6:30pm Jazz Funk 1 Miss Bella Rose

6:30pm Technique 2 Miss Schhaya

6:30pm Ninja- Red - age 8-11 Coach Brandon

7:30pm Booked Private lessons Mr. Jordan


7:30pm Contemporary-Jazz Improv Miss Schhaya

7:30pm Ninja-Black Advanced ninja Coach Brandon

Registration and tuition

*Beginning in August for free registration

September 1, 2022 registration fee of $25 per student or $40 per family due upon sign up

Dance classes - 60 minute classes once a week - $60 per month

- 30 minute pre-pointe add on $45 per month

Gym classses - (tumble, acro, ninja, parkour) - 60 minute classes once a week - $75 per month

Multi class discounts will apply

Sibling discounts available

all members must complete the online waiver to participate

A registration and medical information form must be completed prior to first class date

A current credit card must be on file for all students

Make up classes are offered with prior email notice and scheduled for a similar level class with openings.